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  Sauna Ritual

Drink enough
In the sauna your body attempts to cool itself by perspiration. As a result you lose a lot of moisture. Drinking well before and after visiting the sauna is therefore very important in order to replenish your moisture reserves.

You will sweat while in the sauna so that your body can cool itself by evaporation. The moisture required for perspiration is withdrawn directly from your blood, so that your blood pressure will continue to drop. Fortunately, although you have an adequate “moisture reserve” in your body, your organs may feel the moisture shortage. This means that the organs will slow down in function. For these reasons, it is not recommended that you eat a heavy meal just before visiting the sauna.

Building up resistance
In the sauna you don’t have to worry about catching a cold. If you visit the sauna regularly, your body will toughen up, and even outside the sauna you have less risk of catching a cold than non-sauna-goers. However, the perspiration not only removes moisture (=water) from our bodies but also, e.g., lactic acids and other waste products. In this way, the body is “rinsed clean”, so to speak, of the components of the perspiration moisture that were introduced from the outside. This regular cleanup of metabolic wastes is one of the most important 'deep effects ' of the sauna baths.

Using the sauna
Use a bathrobe, washcloth [wet towel], a bath towel and slippers; these may also be rented from Thermae 2000. You may sit or lie of the washcloth in the sauna and use the towel to dry off. The bathrobe and slippers are put on when you visit our restaurant/cafeterias. Your jewelry and watches are best stored in your locker.

Do you still have questions about how you can best prepare for the sauna? Or do you doubt that your physical condition will permit you to visit a sauna? Then contact us by e-mail to or call +31 (0)43-609 2000.